ONDEMAND Delivery Platform.

Es un lugar donde puedes disfrutar, comprar seguir y compartir.

Cada negocio disponible de su propio metodo de pago y entrega elige el mas conveniente.

New interactive features coming oriented to improve customer experience, Interactive live events between bussines and more..

Means you can use any of all tools and you Will be billed only for the services you use. Recharge acount and start making money..

You can connect with all your followers.

Online store Promotions Wall Notifications Followers Reports Sub users Manual order social link Delivery options Product catalog or Menu Multiple Payment options Engagement point system Live Shopping Chain system and delivery company

Online store: You can build easily your online store inside chap and Link page.

Add promotions allow users know your promotions..

add content into your account to your followers can know your bussines.

send push notifications to your followers.

allow users to follow your bussines

Get complete sales report

allow to assign to each employee Access to an specific feature..

Asignar puntos por cada Me gusta ( Likes ) por los post que realicen sus seguidores ademas de crear premios semanales, mensuales por el post mas votado.

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